Professional Painting Services

Interior Painting

We begin our interior jobs by taking the time to protect your facility, equipment, and inventory. All surfaces will be properly prepared before applying the specified coating. Preparations include detailed cleaning, patching, priming and a detailed masking of all areas. We finish with a high-quality, durable paint, customized for your job. Once completed, each job is followed up by a thorough clean up.

You can expect the following from The North Painting Contractors:

⦁    Completion of the project on promised time
⦁    Identify the spots that need detailed attention
⦁    Cover the parts that are not painted so that they are protected from the drops
⦁    Moving of wall paintings, wall hangings, furniture from the job site
⦁    Use the color that matches your requirements
⦁    Use of premium grade colors with low or zero VOC
⦁    Cleaning and inspecting of the site after the completion of the work

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