32961224 - handyman varnishing pine wooden planks in patio outside the new house

Staining and Varnishing

Staining and Varnishing of the wood in your home is a great way to accent the natural color of the wood.
Do you have an Interior or Exterior Staining/Varnishing project around your home or business?

With The North Painting you aren’t just limited to traditional colors and techniques, we can apply different finishing techniques that can really enhance the “curb appeal” of your staining project that you won’t really find any other local painters doing. We aren’t just cutting edge with our equipment and techniques, our experienced painters are also well versed in staining and finishing wooden decor and structures.

You can expect the following from The North Painting Contractors:

⦁    Completion of the project on promised time
⦁    Identify the spots that need detailed attention
⦁    Cover the parts that are not painted so that they are protected from the drops
⦁    Use the color matching to the existing wood
⦁    Cleaning and inspecting of the site after the completion of the work

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